I’m Ro. I’m a 30 year young woman with Crohn’s Disease. I have felt trapped by the burden of a chronic illness and the medical intervention it requires. This is my journey to taking back my life through dramatic change in lifestyle, location, and loving myself.

On December 20, 2013 I collapsed in the shower. That sounds melodramatic. I was overwhelmed by the heat so perhaps slipped is more accurate. I was experiencing months of fatigue, blood in my stool, and an unexplained minor weight loss (this one I had no complaints about). It was the Christmas holidays so fortunately my office was closed for a week; I camped out at my parents’ house. Curled up in the fetal position, I lay in bed drinking broth and watching reality TV while my mother and father panicked over my physical state. My father is a well-respected doctor so I was able to see a Gastroenterologist immediately. My blood tests and later a colonoscopy revealed that I had a severe case of Crohn’s Disease of both the upper and lower bowel. 

This is the story of taking control of my holistic wellness, moving from the Deep Georgia South to Sunny Southern California, taking the LEAP detox with me for the ride, and what happens when you stop waiting for the next medical advance, and DIY your health through active self-care.

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